Order Status & Shipping Timeline FAQ

Last Updated Jun 07, 2021

We know how exciting it is to get packages, and we're happy you've chosen us to be a bright spot on your doorstep and in your mailbox! We're working hard to get your orders out to you and we're beyond grateful for your patience. Because of this, we want to give you a one-stop shop to answer your burning questions and keep you well informed.

Please take a look at some of the common questions we're being asked so we can keep you up to speed about what to expect with your recent order:

Are you seeing any delays with shipping my order?
Our fulfillment team is hustling to get your packages out within 2 - 4 business days. Once your order has shipped, you can expect a confirmation email with your tracking information so you can keep an eye on it from there.

Are there any delays once my order has shipped?
International carriers are currently seeing shipping delays, and the reason for this is two-fold. First, there has been a significant increase in orders shipping to both individuals and essential businesses across the world. And second, there is a necessity to ensure the safety and needs of their workers - understandably so!
Transit speeds will also depend on the carrier selected at checkout. All services offer an expected delivery estimate before committing, so you can make the best decision for what you're needing.

Where can I find the status of my order?
You'll receive two emails from us, one as your order is confirmed and one as your order ships. Once it's with the carrier, you can track it in a few different spots; through the tracking information provided in your shipping confirmation email, or by logging into your online account at firstbiohealth.com!

Why does it say my order is "pending"?
All confirmed orders will remain in pending status until it's been packed and is set to leave with the carrier. Pending really means that the order is in the queue to be fulfilled and prepped for shipping.

Can I change my address or edit my order?
If your order has just been placed and not yet shipped, our Customer Experience team should be able to help you out with any minor address updates (adding/correcting street and/or apartment numbers; bigger updates like the zip code, city, or state cannot be changed). Please act quick! Once the order has shipped, we'll have limited options.
Regarding editing what's in the order, this is something we cannot do unfortunately. We can, however, attempt to cancel an unshipped/pending order, but again, act quick so we can try to catch it!

My package "delivered" but I can't find it. What now?
This can happen from time to time, but we're here to help! First, please wait 24 hours before reaching out. This could be the result of the packaged being scanned as "delivered" a little early in the delivery route. Also take a look at the shipping address provided (found in the order confirmation email) to ensure that what we had is complete and correct.
If the carrier was Hermes, look around the address, including all entrances, and behind anything that could 'hide' the package from passers by.
Still no package? Give us a shout and let us help!
Not finding what you're looking for? Our Customer Service team is at the ready to assist you further! Feel free to email hello@firstbiohealth.com or Chat with us as needed. We are experiencing an increase in contacts, so we appreciate your patience while we're assisting your fellow First BioHealth fans. Thank you for being a part of the First BioHealth so we can stay healthy and strong together!

Still need help? Create a support request with our customer service team.